Kick Credit Card Debt Now!

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    Kick Credit Card Debt

    New Ideas for Cutting Expenses and Becoming Debt-Free

    If you have a short time to spend reading and a few bucks to spend, this e-book will affect the rest of your life, since credit card debt can seriously ruin your life.

    The benefits in this book are straightforward – it’s easy to learn what you need to do to climb out of that pit of debt. You can feel positive about your financial situation instead of negative – and it feels great!

    This book will help you whether you owe $500 or $50,000 in credit card debt. If you have been max-ing out cards trying to get ahead, you’re no doubt ready to face that debt head-on and slay it.

    We offer straight-forward techniques like:
    •Which cards to pay off first
    •Requesting lower interest rates from your credit card issuers
    •Doubling the minimum payments to pay off a card as much as 10 years more quickly
    •Budgeting accurately for maximum effect
    •How to cut back on all your expenses to free up cash
    •How to live without usi

    • Everything You Need to Know About Investing for the First Time
    • The college degrees that produce students who know how to manage their money
    • Costly Curves: New study shows exposure to certain shapes influences personal spending

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