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Graduate From College Debt-Free

10 Ways Anyone Can Graduate From College Debt-Free

A Guide to Post-College Freedom

Founder of MyDebtFreeCollege.com, Kevin Y. Brown, author of 10 Ways Anyone Can Graduate from College DEBT-FREE: A Guide to Post Graduate Freedom reflects back on his college experience…”If I have to take out a loan for college, I’m dropping out!” is what he said to his dormitory hall director, a few days in to college. With zero knowledge of the college, financing system Kevin took it upon himself to be proactive and take control of his college finances. Upon graduation, Kevin proved to have kept his promise to himself and today he is free of any college debt. With approximately 37 million student loan borrowers having outstanding student loans and people in the 18 to 24–age bracket spending nearly 30% of their monthly income on student loan debt repayment there is a need for a guide to help students navigate the financial aspects of college life and avoid the pitfalls of student loans and related college debt. 10 Ways, including employer reimbursement programs, Anyone Can Graduate From College DEBT-FREE provides:

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